Karina has done a great amount of teaching. From local schools to the most prestigous ballet schools in the world. This part of the website showcases the gratitude from the places she has taught.

Nikolaj Hübbe

“It is a great pleasure to hereby recommend Ms. Karina Elver”

Artistic Director
Royal Danish Ballet

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Dinna Bjørn

“Her dedication, high energy level and generous spirit, combined with her knowledge, natural skills and experience from a long career as dancer and performing artist makes her an excellent, inspiring and unconventional teacher.”

Bournonville Specialist and former artistic director of The Norwegian National Ballet ( 1990-2002 ) and The Finnish National Ballet ( 2001- 2008 )

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Daniel Duell

“In my professional opinion Ms. Elver is a highly qualified teacher, coach, and stager of the choreography, technique, and style of August Bournonville, and I confidently recommend Ms. Elver to anyone who may be seeking her expertise.”

Artistic Director
Ballet Chicago

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Peter Breuer

“Karina Elvers teaching takes place at very high international level, and also she holds exceptional teaching abilities. In a personal and unique way she manages to convey her great expertise and extraordinary skills within the famous Bournonville balletstyle.”

Balletdirector Salzburg Ballett

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Christiane Theobald

“Her teaching in the Bournonville technique at the State Ballet Berlin was a great inspiration for the company dancers and her lecture demonstrations enjoyed great recognition from the audience, as well.”

Staatsballet Berlin
Executive Vice President

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David Bintley

“Ms Elver is clearly an expert in this field and not only won the Company over with her charm and friendly demeanour, but also with her passion and professionalism. I would not hesitate to invite her to work with the Company again.”

Birmingham Royal Ballet

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Petr Zuska

“Ms. Karina Elver did an extraordinary job preparing our company for the very important works in the history of the classical ballet.”

Artistic Director
Prague National Teatre

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Era Jouralev

“She gives the dancer the tools to understand and achieve a high level of excellence in the Bournonville technique. Ms. Elver would be an asset to the dance world.”

Head of Classical Studies
Joffrey Ballet School, NYC

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Ole Nørlyng

“I can warmly recommend Karina Elver as a teacher, producer and choreographer.”

Cand. Mag. music-, art- and ballet historian
Teacher at The Royal Danish Ballet School

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Victoria Simon

“Karina Elver is one of the foremost stagers of the Bournonville ballets. Her attention to detail and musicality is phenomenal. She is a wonderful teacher and gives her students an insight into one of the worlds renowned choreographers. She draws praise from dancers, teachers and audience members alike.”

Ballet Mistress
The George Balanchine Trust

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Violet Verdy

“Karina did an excellent job with our students, and they responded wonderfully to her teaching and coaching.”

Distinguished Professor of Ballet
Kathy Ziliak Anderson Chair in Ballet

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Peter Flinth

“It was impressive to see how Karina Elver was able to create magnificent choreography on limited time and budget. She really made us all look good, and the Queen of Denmark was most satisfied with the result.”

Film Director

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Edward Ellison

“She has undoubtedly enriched our school, and the American ballet world, with her Bournonville expertise and teaching talent, therefore it is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Ms. Karina Elver.”

Artistic Director
Ellison Ballet, New York

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Chris Lingner

“As a ballet student, I believe that Ms. Elver is doing really meaningful and important work here in the United States. It is exceptionally rare for students in the United States to receive training of this caliber in the Bournonville style. She is able to give insight into this beautiful method of dancing that only students of the Royal Danish Ballet, one of the oldest and most respected schools in the world, would receive. We are lucky to have had such a teacher at Indiana University.”

Junior at Indiana University Jacobs School of Music

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Erik Aschengreen

“Karina Elver was a precise, charming and witty dancer, and she does know her Bournonville as you only do, when you have been brought up with this tradition.”

Professor, dr. phil.
Dance critic and former head of the Dance Department at the University of Copenhagen

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Lenka Dnmalova

“Her experiences are the result of many years of involvement in major dance companies and choreographic collaboration with world famous authorities, which she have met around the freat personality of August Bournonville.”

Artistic director of Ballet
National Theater Ostrava, Czech Republic

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Christian Martinu

“Karina’s training in the unique Danish Bournonville style, her profound knowledge and personal experience of dancing the famous classic ballets are extremely rarely to be found in one person.”

ABC Tokyo Ballet

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Gelsey Kirkland

“Karina’s rare qualities of technical mastery, grace, and elegance makes her capable of teaching ballet and Bournonville to all levels of students.”

Co-Artistic Director
Gelsey Kirkland Academy of Classical Ballet

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Roel Voorinholt

“Karina did a great job as a specialist of the Bournonville technique classes. Her teaching was on a very high level.”

Co-Artistic Director

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