Staging Bournonville's Ballet

La Sylphide, 1834
Napoli, 1842
Le Conservatoire, 1849
The Kermesse in Bruges, 1851
A Folk Tale, 1854
La Ventana, 1856
Flower Festival in Genzano, 1858
The King's Volunteers on Amager, 1871
The Jockey Dance, or from Siberia to Moscow, 1876

La Sylphide, Colorado Ballet

The following excerpts can be staged

The Bournonville-Suite:
Pas de Sept from A Folk Tale
Mirrordance from La Ventana
The Jockey Dance
excerpts from Pas de Six and Tarantella Napoli.

La Sylphide, 1 act, 2 act
Napoli, 1 act, 3 act
Le Conservatoire, 1 act
The Kermesse in Bruges, 1 act
A Folk Tale, 3 act
La Ventana, 1 act
The King's Volunteers, 1 act, 2 act
Flower Festival in Genzano
The Jockey Dance

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Staging Vincenzo Galeotti's Ballet

The whims of Cupid and the Ballet master, 1786
Vincenzo Galeotti, 5 March 1733 – 16 December 1816

Galeotti was a leading innovator of ballet in Scandinavia.

In 1775, he was called to Copenhagen to assume the directorship of the Royal Danish Ballet. He remained there for the rest of his life, obtaining Danish citizenship and a lifetime directorship in 1781.

He created more than 50 works, often adapting French tragedies or moral dramas for ballet. Galeotti's most lasting success, and the only work by him still commonly performed today, is "The Whims of Cupid and the Ballet master", 1786. That play is the world oldest ballet and still danced to its original choreography and music by Jens Lolle, and has been staged more than 500 times.

Read more about Galeotti's ballet The whims of Cupid and the Ballet master. Staging of this ballet is possible, for more information and enquiries please contact me.

The Whims of Cupid and the Balletmaster