World famous choreographer of the Royal Danish Ballet.

August Bournonville's ballets, such as La Sylphide, Flower Festival in Genzano and Napoli, are at the repertoire of many companies around the world.

It is my experience that many dancers have great joy and advantage of obtaining knowledge of the Bournonville technique.

The Bournonville Schools have, since they were assembled and written down by Hans Bech in the 1890's, been important training material for the Royal Danish Ballet up until today. Not necessarily because the Royal Danish Ballet regularly perform Bournonville ballets, but because the Bournonville training is particularly suited to develop the strength and speed in the legs and feet of the dancers as well as the mental joy of dancing.

The steps are still a challenge to perform for the ballet dancer of today, because the material is so great and original.

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August Bournonville (1805-79)

Augusts Bournonville