Masterclass/workshops for pre-professional and professional dancers.

The Bournonville-School

The Bournonville School

  • Consist of approx. 25 steps in each class
  • Monday through Saturday-class

In my teaching of The Bournonville school I focus on the technique behind the steps and the many details, which is hidden in them. I work with the natural grace, softness and strength in feet and legs. In addition, the training requires concentration, which helps to develop the focus of the dancers on step combinations and developments. The Barre is based and focused on placements, lengthening, strengthening and slow and fast legs.

The Repertory

Flower Festival in Genzano

La Sylphide, Napoli, Le Conservatoire, A Folk Tale, The Jockey dance, Flower Festival in Genzano etc.

What is so special about The Bournonville style? Dancing Bournonville is just as hard as dancing Petipa or Balanchine. It just demands completely different abilities of the dancer. In other words, the style of Bournonville choreography is very special. In the sake of lightness and the beautiful grace, combined with talent of understanding the musicality, discretion of mime, humorous as well as heavy dramatic impact.


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The Pantomime

The pantomime

Scenes from: A Folk Tale, The King’s Volunteer’s on Amager, The Kermesse in Brugge, La Sylphide.

In Bournonville’s ballets, nearly all of which are dramatic story ballets, The Pantomime plays a significant role and has its own style and form, for Bournonville considered that gesture should be simple and natural. He expected the artist to express inner feelings and thoughts through outer visible movements, the phrasing of which should be rhythmically clear and precise; feelings such as love, jealousy, despondency, devotion, happiness, tears, anger and despair should be interpreted in such a way that the audience experienced the mime sequences as moving pictures to which they made the words themselves.



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