Bournonville and The Actor. Pantomime.

A workshop for Actors

The aim of the course is to give the actor a glimpse into the pantomimic art. Being able to act to music without text while creating an artistic naturalistic expression based on the timing and attention to the musical sequences. Bournonville is particularly known for his pantomimic scenes containing both seriousness and humor. Today he is famous all over the world.

Augusts Bournonville

The Pantomime plays a significant role and has its own style and form, for Bournonville considered that gesture should be simple and natural, almost like the gesture, which accompanies and enhances everyday speech. He expected the artist to express inner feelings and thoughts through outer visible movements, the phrasing of which should be rhythmically clear and precise; feelings such as love, jealousy, despondency, devotion, happiness, tears, anger and despair should be interpreted in such a way that the audience experienced the mime sequences as moving pictures to which they made the words themselves.

Workshop for actors


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